About the School

Mission Statement

The mission of Grundy County High School, in cooperation with parents, faculty, staff and the local business community, is to empower students to complete a rigorous course of study successfully and to become responsible, productive citizens.

Vision Statement

The vision of Grundy County High School is that each student will develop the tools to become a responsible, contributing member of society and a lifelong learner.

Belief Statement

-All children deserve a quality education in which individual needs are met, exceeded and supported.

-Students must learn that their efforts and attendance directly affect their successful completion of course work.

-Multiple opportunities should be provided to insure student success.

-Success should be measured by various strategies, not solely by standardized tests.

-Students and parents should take active roles in lifelong learning.

-Students should be empowered to become responsible, productive, and contributing members of society.

-It is vital to provide a challenging, safe, and positive environment for all students.

-We support student learning by providing diverse opportunities determined by data analysis, rigorous curricula, and collaboration.

-Students are held accountable for personal success.

-All students have an equal opportunity for success.

-A rigorous curriculum challenges students to excel and become lifelong learners.

-All students can be successful when policies, procedures and practices are designed to address student needs and are applied consistently.

-Parental support is conducive to optimum student success.

Programs of Study

Program of Study pt. 1
Program of Study pt. 2
Program of Study pt. 3
Program of Study pt. 4
Program of Study pt. 5